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"Daydreaming" by Kathleen Henriquo

The Guyana Annual

Who We Are

The Guyana Annual is a literature and art magazine filled with a combination of Guyanese work: fiction, poetry, visual art, comics, essays, reviews and more. It is designed to highlight creative types of all backgrounds, with a focus on the up-and-coming and obscure. Established in 1915 and published by Guyenterprise under the patronage of Dr Tulsi Dyal Singh since 1998, we discover talent via a yearly
national competition that offers modest cash prizes.

Mission and Vision

AJ Seymour, a Guyana Annual Alumnus, wrote in the first Kyk-Over-Al about the aims of a Guyanese literary magazine in 1945:

"...an instrument to help forge a Guianese people, and to make them conscious of their intellectual and spiritual possibilities. There’s so much we can do as a people if we can get together more,[1]"

The Guyana Annual, 30 years its senior, continues to share this aim. Our mission is the promotion of Guyanese art and literature which we believe ultimately develops culture and forges an identity. We are dedicated to developing quality creative writing and art and are committed to the growth of the local creative industry. Our vision is to further promote the importance of culture to development, through a
 radio programme/podcast and national literature and arts festival.

[1] A. J. Seymour, ‘Editorial Notes’, in Kyk-Over-Al, 1.1 (1945): 3.


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