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"Boats at Ogle" by Amanda Richards

The Guyana Annual 2020 Entry Forms

You must read the rules and complete a form to enter The Guyana Annual 2020 - Folklore Edition Competition. You can submit your form and entries electronically or deliver a hard copy to the Guyenterprise office in Queenstown. See details below.


Click here for rules.


Gmail Account

Gmail account users can upload their entries here.


Other Email Account

If you don't have a Gmail account, click here, fill out the form and email corresponding entries along with your full name, name of entries & category entered to theguyanaannual@gmail.com.

Hard Copy 

Print form, fill out and drop-in or email. Click here.

Hard-copy Submission

  1. Deliver to “Guyenterprise, 234 Lance Gibbs & Irving Streets, Queenstown, Georgetown. Re: The Guyana Annual 2020- Folklore Edition.” between 9 am - 4.30 pm, Monday -Friday.

  2. Fill out hard copy form (if not done electronically) at the Guyenterprise office or print form from our website here, and submit with entries.


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