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"The Drummers" by Walter Gobin


Here we'll try to share content relevant to developing Guyana's creative industries and culture. If you have any recommendations please feel free to email us at theguyanaannual@gmail.com or call us on 226-9874.


Guyana’s Framework National Cultural Policy

“The primary purpose of Guyana’s Framework National Cultural Policy is to provide a framework of constitutionally-based commitment to ensuring that our diverse heritage is both celebrated and employed as a tool for cohesion..."


UNCTAD Creative Economy Programme

UNCTAD’s data driven insights on trade in creative goods and services make a unique contribution to understanding the creative economy at a time when many emerging economies and developing countries are seeking to diversify their economies.


The Role of Copyright in Creative Industry Development

Does copyright foster the development of creative industries in developing countries? Drawing on case studies from Nigeria, India, and China, this Article sheds some light on these questions. 


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