6 Types of Bus Passengers We All Secretly Loathe

The Guyana Annual is sharing a little bit of ‘bus ketchin’ fun to hopefully add a little light to your life during these trying times. This article is by no means meant to attack anyone, because the truth is, as ‘bus ketchers’, we’re all probably guilty of doing one or two of these things.

As COVID-19 continues to rage, we reflect on the days of ‘bus ketchin’ past before social distancing measures, masks and green or purple alcohol.

1. The Middle Seater

Yes, that one, who sits in the middle of the seat so that you can't sit next to them and are forced (most times) to the dreaded "backseat". Speaking of…

2. Backseat Allergy

The passenger that is seemingly allergic to sitting in the last row. Is there a caiman in the backseat? A centipede maybe…who knows?

Disclaimer: We’re not talking about the good people who sit up front because they know they’re coming out a few stops ahead.

3. Lord of the Window

“Voop!” It’s not raining and we all know mini-buses can get stuffy (air-condition who?) but this passenger is almost always chilly or the breeze does them grievous bodily harm. The result? A sealed window that would make a dungeon jealous.


The passenger who squeezes your shoulder or almost slices off your elbow by opening their side of your shared window wider in lieu of “an excuse me”.

4. The Speaker Box

Now we know ‘who deh wid who’, how, where, why and when. For long distances this can be very entertaining, that is unless they shut the window.

5. The Cold Shoulder

A controversial one because after all, buses are supposed to come with a conductor. However, leaning over this passenger sitting in the conductor seat to open the door can be rough.

6. Door Sprawler

Another controversial one, but ow man, we know the bus doesn’t have a conductor – close the door when you come out nah? Pretty please, (even if you trying to get back at a “Cold Shoulder”).

Bonus: Release the ‘Crack-en’

We’re not gonna go there except to say, longer shirts, please.

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